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Employee Communities

Giving employees a platform to complete all work related collaboration, communication, and management tasks is a win for everyone at your organization. Incorporating Employee Communities into your organization is a way to create an efficient and streamlined experience for your employees. Salesforce technology offers organizations a way to consolidate and simplify all employee related functions in one location, making keeping track of everything simple and straightforward.

All organizations need to keep track of their employees, but with LNB Solutions, organizations are able to build employee community platforms that go beyond basic expectations. The communities are crafted with organization and employee experiences both in mind, which mean they cater to all needs on both ends.

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Vendor Portals

Vendor Communities offer a simple, easy to use platform for both organizations and vendors alike.  The platform encourages happy vendors, as well as well connected teams and interactions.

Some of the offerings of communities include appointment meeting and scheduling. organization collaboration and teaming, availability management, and human resource management.    

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LNB Solutions offers scalable solutions with the Communities platform. It grows and changes with your organization's needs. Experience a mobile friendly platform that is accessible to everyone anywhere, anytime. A single, central system eliminates multiple logins or access points, creating ease of use and simplified collaboration for all involved.


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