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Kinship is the flexible modular solution meeting the diverse needs of Human Service agencies with built-in automation. Leveraging the power of Salesforce, Kinship unites agency work, data, processes, and interaction into one cloud-based system. With Kinship, agency staff has the ability to work remotely and obtain up-to-date financial and case information securely.

Users of Kinship experience a user interface that's easy to navigate, dynamic dashboards and alerts at their fingertips, and seamless workflows to automate tasks.



Foster Care Case Management
Foster Care Case Management

Streamline day-to-day tasks and improve client service. Manage foster care placements, VEMAT Rates, Families First Initiatives, Special Welfare, Basic Maintenance, Standard Payment Records for Audits, Case Monitoring and Evaluation, Case Notes, Case Alerts with Supervisor Notifications, Appointment Management, Intake, Clothing Allowances, and Adoption Assistance & KinGap Support Agreements.

Foster And Adoptive Parent Management
Foster And Adoptive Parent Management

Gain a master view of compliance of foster and adoptive parents to include Family and Home Environment Assessments, Background Checks, Interviews, Training, Support Documents, and the monitoring of real-time availability of Approved Homes and Providers.

Grants Management
Grants Management

Track, manage, and deliver funding programs. This module provides Grantseeker/Applicant Portals, Application Workflows, Reviewer Dashboard, Automated Email Notifications & Templates, Award Management, and Post Award Reporting.

Financial Management
Financial Management

Oversee multiple fiscal year budgets on both the city and state levels. Manage payment processing with our generally accepted accounting principles with built-in LASER Reporting, Vendor Invoices, Purchase Orders, Case Actions, Companion Payroll, Staff & Operations, P-Cards, Approval Workflow, Collections, Check Printing, and General Ledger Exporting.

Electronic Records Management
Electronic Records Management

Control who has access and easily share files on the FedRAMP secured government cloud.

Online Portals
Online Portals

Interact and exchange records with Citizens, Youth, Foster Parents, and Vendors using online communities.

Title IV-E Determination
Title IV-E Determination

Navigate through the eligibility process with ease and avoid costly errors.

Court Interface-2
Court Interface

Real-time court data, notifications, and alerts for case workers.

Children’s Services Act (CSA)

Kinship is designed to be in line with current regulations of Children’s Services Act of Virginia and provides users with the capabilities to plan their work, collaborate with community teams with chat, meetings, and case agenda items, perform case manage, and provide services according to expenditure categories, mandates, service placement types, and services names. Generate reports, apply LEDRS codes to the services rendered, and keep track of Parental Co-Pays.

Contract Management-1
Contract Management

Move through contract cycles faster and avoid bottlenecks from tedious data entry. Negotiate contracts with easy-to-use redlining tools, esignatures, and Vendor Rates Approval Workflow.


1. Dedicated Kinship Client Support: Our customer service is second-to-none and we respond quickly to customer issues.

2. Login to Kinship from Anywhere: All you need is an Internet connection and your login credentials. Our cloud solution is easily accessible on any browser-based device.

3. Usage and Training: Kinship training is provided through webinars, or scheduled on-site. Our online support center provides videos and tutorials for all user profiles.

4.DSS & CSA Ready: Kinship has all of the core functions needed for DSS & CSA right out-of-the-box and can be installed with a single click.

5. Customizable: Kinship is easily customizable for agencies with locality specific programs and can be implemented within short delivery times.

6. Modular and Flexible: Kinship is designed to meet the needs of diverse user groups.

7. Powerful with Time Saving Automations: Boost your data accuracy with Kinship integrations and workflows resulting in fewer errors.

8. Free Legislative Updates: Our team keeps up with new legislative mandates and VDSS & CSA process changes. Kinship customers receive these updates free with our product releases.

9. Real-time Reports: Report generation and distribution is at your fingertips anytime with Kinship’s drag-and-drop report builder and email scheduler.

10. Built & Designed by Experts: Kinship was engineered by subject matter experts with 10+ years experience working within local departments of social services.


  • · SEC 525 Virginia Information Technologies Agency (VITA)
  • · FedRAMP Authorized
  • · ISO 27001
  • · ISO 27018
  • · PCI-DSS
  • · SOC 1- SOC 1 (SSAE16/ISAE 3402, previously SAS 70)
  • · SOC 2 & SOC 3
  • · Salesforce Shield

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