Tech Solutions for Social Services 

Case Management, Finance, Administration, and Customer Service

Agency Specific Tailored Technology Solutions for Social Service Agencies by LNB Solutions.

LNB Solutions wants to support every organization in the way that best suits them.


Case Management

Case management is a major tool offered by Salesforce within the Health and Human Services sector. Case management within the Health and Human Services Platform offers a complete view of the client and all extension and details surrounding their case. All data is documented and compiled into one central, accessible location for each client, making it easier and faster to offer more comprehensive and complete services to them.

Provide the best services possible.

With Case Management, the data that your organization collects about each individual client is efficiently used to make their experience better.  Organizations gain the ability to match better fitting and more qualified staff to handle each clients unique case, creating a better experience overall.

Give your organization, staff and client's success with Case Management.

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With the Health & Human Services platform and the Social Services ERP tool and platform, organizations can centralize all of their work, data, processes, and interaction.  The platform is secure and FedRAMP approved, meaning your financial security is of the utmost importance.  

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Reduce High Cost Channels 

LNB Solutions offerings upgrade outdated and labor intensive practices for organizations, increasing workflow and efficiency while reducing excess costs and expenses.   

Increase Value 

Less time is spent on performing labor intensive paper based and manual tasks, increasing time availability in a cost effective manner and the amount of clients handled.




The Health and Human Services (HHS) platform offered by Salesforce takes the complexities of Case Work and offers an easy to use central platform in its place.

The HHS Platform is customizable and molds to whatever a specific agency's needs are.

The design of the platform focuses on an efficient and intuitive design, meaning all processes unique to your agency become more manageable or even automated, easing employee workloads and increasing productivity and workflows. Within the design, the client is central as they become the focal point for casework and management.

The Health and Human Services Platform strengthens agency-client relations all while easing the strain of previous workflow experiences for agency employees. Centralized data and client management along with a comprehensive easy to use platform are just a few of the benefits offered.


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Customer Service

Social Services ERP System options offered by LNB Solutions are designed to be of benefit to the end user.  The ongoing client experience from start to finish is made seamless using a single, intuitive platform.

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Connected Clients

With the HHS platform and other Social Service ERP offerings, clients are fully connected with workers on a single platform.  Mobile ready service portals offer benefit management, claims & appeals.


These offerings boast reporting and dashboards for organization staff.  In combination with predictive analytics, these offer easier outreach and follow up options for staff.

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