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LNB Solutions works with the nonprofit industry to revamp old practices and increase overall efficiency and productivity using unique technology solutions.


Salesforce, Payroll Services, HR, Benefits, and Tech Support

We support Non Profits with comprehensive services so you can focus on the mission and the people that really matter. 

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Nonprofit Solutions

Boost Donations with Salesforce Non Profit Cloud  

The Nonprofit Cloud platform allows connecting with an audience and taking action to take precedent, while business and data management is seamlessly taken care of without worry. Nonprofits can focus on helping others while benefiting from a platform that takes care of staff, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries alike.

With Nonprofit Cloud, programs and initiatives can create a bigger impact while crucial data about the people that matter is collected and managed more efficiently, providing more accurate analytics.

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Payroll, HR, and Benefits

Our goal is for nonprofits to be able to achieve their mission. LNB Solutions offers Payroll, HR, and Benefits Administration services to Non Profits through our secured partner, Gusto,

We use custom solutions and offerings in conjunction with Nonprofit Cloud to ensure each nonprofit surpasses its set goals and expectations.  We specifically cater to you present and future business needs.


Remove time consuming, labor-intensive tasks from your checklist.


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Tech Support

LNB Solutions makes the biggest difference in the areas of program management, fundraising, marketing, and engagement. We give Non Profits the ability to grow and succeed with our uniquely crafted services to boost the success of Non Profits. 

Our technology support services include include Salesforce Administration and Support, Website Development with engaging Online Donations Pages, Custom Application Development,  Marketing Automation, and Social Media Marketing. 

LNB Solutions works with Non Profits to revamp old practices and increase overall efficiency and productivity using unique technology solutions. 

We work with Non Profits to provide consultations, implementations, and ongoing support. Our fully encompassing services allow customers to increase their efficiency, productivity, and overall growth. We provide marketing and technology solutions that keep nonprofits, employees, and constituents in mind every step of the way.

Digital Marketing

With tools that gather and analyze more relevant data, marketing capabilities that exceed expectations, and the ability to create a more streamlined workflow and environment amongst other benefits, a higher chance for success is guaranteed.