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Workplace giving is at the heart of any successful Organization

Philanthropy starts with individuals who show kindness and the heart to share their wealth and time with worthy causes. In the case of non-profits, this begins at a non-profit's core, with donations and volunteering being central pillars for success. Outside donors respond to efforts put form by employees and leadership, so setting up a culture where workplace giving thrives is key to any non-profit.

Experience scalable online fundraising solutions and pages. Gain access to fundraising data and analytics that can be used to increase engagement and donations. Complete, central functionality on a single, easy-to-use platform allows for accessibility to all income sources and other metrics.

Track both online donations and paper donations on the Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud platform.

Our platform empowers companies to build a purpose-driven culture while increasing their corporate social responsibility (CSR). Built on the powerful secured platform, Paddle is a comprehensive system that enables employees to direct funding to the nonprofits they want to support. The purpose-built system consists of a complete Charity Application System, a secure CRM system, Peer-to-Peer fundraising options, a Silent Auction Integration, and Virtual Fundraising Tools.

• Online Pledge Cards
• Employee Payroll Deduction
• Volunteer Management
• Charity Verify
• Charity Applications
• Payables & Disbursements

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Featured Services

Charity Application System

In order for charities to participate in annual campaigns, they must first be reviewed thoroughly for verification purposes. It is the due diligence of an organization to approve or include charities trustworthy in nature. The process of examining large volumes of charity applications can be extremely labor intensive and time consuming. The Charity Application system allows organizations to request and process applications more quickly and thoroughly, and it is a huge time saver overall.

Organizations can post requests for applications that list relevant deadlines and contact information, required criterion and documents, and any other key factors needed from charities. Having a clearly laid out Charity Application System makes the application process easier and faster for both charities and organizations.


Application Forms are developed using Salesforce Community Cloud. Charities can create an account, login to apply, and check their application status. The online form is customized based on the application requirements of the organization. Many features are available such as attaching files.


501(c)(3) Verification

Holding a 501(c)(3) status means a nonprofit organization has achieved verification by the Internal Revenue Service. Verification denotes that the organization is charitable in nature, and is classified as tax-exempt.
LNB Solutions Salesforce database includes the most recent IRS Publication 78 Data, which is directly taken from the IRS Tax Exempt Organization Data list. The IRS verifies if an organization is a 501(c)(3) charity when they apply.


990 Administrative Rate Calculations

Combined giving campaigns often require charities to apply to participate in their campaign each year. The eligibility criteria will often differ by agency, however, most organizations ask for the charity's 990 Form to calculate their administrative rate for participation in the campaign.
Traditionally, combined campaign staff manually calculate figures based on the 990 Form to determine eligibility. The Online Application System provided by LNB Solutions pulls directly from the IRS Form 990 Series database where 990 data is analyzed and Administrative Rates are automatically calculated. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort campaign staff needs to spend on these tasks, and it also reduces the human error margin significantly.

Virtual Charity Fair


The Charity Virtual Fair offers a complete overview of charities and their missions. Charities provide videos and content that deals with their organization's mission and intentions. Videos are stored in one central location for safekeeping. The Virtual Fair directory allows charities to easily access their videos, making the directory a useful tool for a workplace giving campaign or interactions with potential donors.

Employees can also search the online directory according to name, location, service, and more options. The online directory provides a complete database of charities, each offering a short video detailing their mission and impact. The directory allows users to easily find charities that match their desired specifications.

Employee Giving & Volunteering

Philanthropy and giving is not just limited to outside donor sources. At the core of every organization is a workforce filled with employees that demonstrate excellency and dedication. These individuals are great resources as they host the human capacity for kindness and giving. Monetary contributions are a great start, but the biggest contribution that employees can make in addition to this is time. Volunteering is crucial to any fundraising ventures by non-profits.

Online Giving
Online Giving

Online Giving is made simple using easy to make, customizable forms that accept multiple payment types including payroll deduction, credit card, cash and check. For agencies that are still paper based, going online can be a helpful tool to increase pledge volume.
LNB Solutions is partnered with Form Assembly. Through this partnership, LNB Solutions can customize forms for organizations and include any required fields, questions, and other requests. Form Assembly also connects to different payment options. Form Assembly offers payment connections with Authorize.net, an LNB Solutions partner, Stripe, PayPal, Cybersource, FreshBooks, Chargent, and iATS. A side by side comparison of the payment connection options is provided in the image to the right.
Online donations forms may be created using Form Assembly or we can create a custom Visual Force page on the Salesforce Platform if Form Assembly is not a good fit. Whatever an organizations needs may be, LNB Solutions has the capability to create engaging donation forms that increase engagement and motivate donors to give.

Paper Pledge Forms

If your organization still prefers to use paper pledges for the benefit of donors who prefer to use cash or check for donations, our online giving solutions may be right for you. With our online pledge and payment options, your organization can reduce labor costs and ease workflow stress while still providing valued donors with the option to use cash and check payment methods.

Peer to Peer

GivingPeer to peer giving allows employees and other individuals to share fundraising ventures with those they know. Being able to share fundraising pages with those who are close to them starts a chain reaction, as peers are more likely to view and possibly reshare the page, leading to more visibility, and a personal connection to the cause. Rallybound is one of the top peer to peer donation sites that allows organizations to create fundraising pages that are visually pleasing, easy to use, and shareable. It is an online platform that integrates with Salesforce like many other peer to peer platforms that LNB Solutions can integrate for your organization. With peer to peer integration, Salesforce conveniently stores all data and donor activity in a single system.

Volunteer Management

LNB Solutions offers Volunteers for Salesforce, a single platform for volunteer management. Offer employees and outside individuals the ability to easily sign up as volunteers and provide them with hours, shifts, and other crucial information.
Nonprofit can keep track of who is volunteering for their organization, what they do for the organization, and when they do it. Keeping an organized timetable and flexible schedule means one-off events and continuous efforts are supplied with adequate numbers of volunteers at all times.

Campaign Progress Bars

Keep track of where your organization currently is in your campaign with Google sheets. Easily make charts and graphs that display accurate campaign progress. Google Sheets integrates with Salesforce, allowing trackers to pull data in real time and update accordingly. This integration works both ways, as organizations can update data in google sheets and it will update in Salesforce automatically as well.
Progress graphs are pulled from the organization's live Salesforce data, allowing campaign progress to be tracked in real time.
The charts, bars and graphs and be broken down at any level whether it be Campaign, Total, Agency Totals, Charity Totals, or other options. These carts can be shared and embedded on any website.

Campaign Pledge Processing

Campaign pledge processing is used to accept and track all donation payments made to your organization. With LNB Solutions implementations, your organization will benefit from resistance free, end-to-end donations management and pledge processing technology.


Offer resistance-free pledge processing to donors.

Your organization can expect a consistent increase in the volume of donations received. In addition to accepting credit card and EFT payments, organizations can also set up tiered donations and automated recurring donations as well. Pledge Processing allows organizations to stay in contact with donors every step of the way, with reminders and touch points to stay top of mind.

Organizations have the option to track their donors' patterns and habits, allowing catered messaging and targeted marketing to drive more impactful end results.

By having all donations, deposit, and disbursement data in a single system with drill down capability, the data in the CRM is more accurate and reliable because it provides an audit trail.  



With Batch Entry Solutions, LNB Solutions provides and configures the Nonprofit Cloud Batch Gift Entry and Batch Payment entry tools for your organization. LNB Solutions also provides support services by doing the data entry.


Batch Gift Entry allows organizations to accept pledge promises that are not immediately collected via cash, check, or credit card. Batch Gift Entry (BGE) is native to Nonprofit Cloud, and offers the benefits associated with Nonprofit Cloud as a result.

Organizations have a complete, accurate view of their fundraising campaigns.

Using Nonprofit Cloud and BGE allows organizations to easily enter donation data while preventing duplicate information. Streamlining the data entry process means large volumes of data can easily be processed while minimizing error, duplicates, and any other mishaps.

Workplace giving as an example often uses payroll deduction as an option for pledge payment. Pledges by payroll do not immediately get recorded, and would therefore be recorded by the BGE tool as it happens, without hassle or extra work from staff.

Batch Payment Entry

Batch Entry Payment is Nonprofit Cloud’s built in batch payment tool. It is usually used for payments by payroll deduction, the payment type that occurs when employees select payroll deduction on their pledge form and opt to have a designated pledge amount deducted from their paychecks over a calendar year which normally spans 24 to 26 pay periods.

Using Batch Entry Payment increases speed and accuracy as it automates payments that would normally be manually entered each month. In the case of employee giving and pledges, an organizations payroll office would send an employees check to a lockbox.


Employee reports containing the employee's name, ID, and deduction amount per pay period are normally attached to this, and can be imported into the Salesforce payment object from Excel or entered in the Batch Payment Entry tool. This process ensures each employee's payroll deduction payment is recorded against their initial payroll deduction pledge. Automated payments can be turned on and off in Nonprofit Cloud.

Full Service Data Entry

Batch gift data entry can be done internally at your organization, or it can be outsourced to LNB Solutions. We provide the technology for these capabilities and can also provide support services as well if your organization desires it.


Credit Card Deposits

Deposits from Credit Cards - Deposits from credit card donations are pulled into Salesforce from the Merchant Record or the Banks records and matched with the credit card merchant statement.

Bank Deposits
Bank Deposits

Bank deposits are received from donor pledges by payroll deduction, cash, check, or credit card donation. Once a deposit is recorded in Salesforce, it can be related to a donor record, allowing for easy drill down ability and reconciliation. LNB Solutions offers two options for recording payments or bank deposits. The first option is the lockbox integration, and the second is Batch Gift Entry.

Paper Pledge Forms
Paper Pledge Forms

Paper Pledge Forms submitted to Campaign Coordinators by donors who prefer this type of pledge process go through the Lockbox option. Paper pledges are collected in batches by the campaign coordinator, and a total of the cash and checks are mailed to the lockbox for processing. This process safeguards cash and check donations and minimizes paper handling at your organization itself. Bank lockbox services include scanning all forms and depositing the funds subsequently.


When deposits and funds are received by banks, they need to be disbursed to charities. LNB Solutions offers check printing and mailing services and also ACH service. Allowing LNB Solutions to handle check printing and mailing services reduces stress and allows a qualified and experienced company to handle disbursement in a timely manner.

ACH Services are beneficial for charities and organizations, as it eliminates the need for paper checks altogether. This method of handling disbursement allows disbursement data to be recorded in Salesforce and is rolled up from donation records. Electronic payments allow for faster and more cost effective processing. For a small monthly fee and per check fee, organizations can reduce costs, volume of paper communications, time spent waiting, and effort spent on processing disbursements.

Payroll Deduction
Payroll Deduction

Payroll deduction payments are also included on the list of acceptable payment forms. Payroll deduction uses a lockbox service.

Cash, check, and payroll deduction payment forms are submitted to a bank lockbox. Bank lockbox deposit records are pulled into Salesforce. This integration varies by bank and file type. By using a lockbox integration, organizations will not have to manually record deposits from cash or check pledges, as it becomes faster and more streamlined process.

Campaign Marketing Automation

Nonprofit organizations can drastically increase reach and interaction by implementing successful marketing automation tools like Marketing Cloud and Pardot. These tools allow access to a wider donor base and more accurate interactions with individual donors.

Click to Pledge

Click to Pledge is an additional feature compatible with Marketing Cloud. This tool allows organizations to prefill forms, which is a useful tool when trying to increase pledge volume. Send prefilled forms to employees or other individuals via email with an appeal asking them to submit an online pledge. Salesforce can pull their pledges from the previous year and add it to the form automatically, making it a one step pledge process where they simply agree and submit.

When creating forms, the fields can be made changeable, uneditable, or employee information that Salesforce has access to can be inputted automatically. Using Click to Pledge makes the donation renewal process simple and quick to complete.


All Nonprofit operations and ventures can be improved with the use of Pardot. Within Pardot, organizations can import and track donors and their interactions. Scores can be assigned to rate quality and interaction rates, giving organizations accurate representations of the impact their reach has on their designated audience.

Email marketing and campaigns can act as positive touch points, keeping donors active and giving in a timely manner. Pardot's automation allows for flexibility. It limits the amounts of marketing materials sent to individuals based on their behaviors. This segmentation allows your organization to always be cast in a positive light.

Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud is an end-user focused platform that keeps the donor and their interactions central at all times. With this platform, nonprofits can connect interactions across multiple touch points, all in one easy-to-understand place.

Marketing cloud allows organizations access to AI technology, and gives them the tools they need to create customized, personalized interactions with marketing material and communications that cater to each individual.

Combined Campaign Consulting Services

We provide consulting for how to make your workplace giving better to boost fundraising and community impact. We have years of experience implementing tech tools for Combined Giving Campaigns. We can also provide fundraising consulting to boost giving and engage employees. We can create marketing tool kits such as Paper Pledge Forms and Giving Guides for the campaign.

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