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Salesforce Offerings


Salesforce CPQ & Billing

Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) and Billing services give your organization the ability to close deals fast and without stress.  CPQ services allow organizations to create structure, boundaries, and guidelines that can be applied to different deals and customers.  Your sales team can easily use these as a guide to quickly close deals without guesswork or hassle, allowing them to move on to the next prospect even quicker.

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Salesforce Field Service

LNB Solutions' Field Service offering gives organizations the tool they need to manage customers, employees in the field, and inventory all within one central platform.  Field Service is a complete, all-inclusive offering that can be accessed anywhere, anytime.  Organizations can easily communicate with field employees, check time sheets, send out updated protocols and policies, and keep a more productive workflow going out in the field overall.

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Einstein Analytics

With Einstein Analytics, labor-intensive tasks and data analysis can be automated, making the workplace a more efficient and productive place.  Einstein Analytics offers a clear, straightforward dashboard and the ability to collaborate and share information and data easily.  It is a game changer for organizations, as it increases overall workflow.  Give your organization access to a robust and engaging platform that covers all of its needs.

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Nonprofit Cloud

Nonprofit Cloud allows organizations to focus on connecting with donors while data management and backend tasks are easily taken care of. Nonprofits can benefit from a platform that takes care of staff, donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries alike.

LNB Solutions uses Nonprofit Cloud to create the biggest difference in the areas of Program Management, Fundraising, Marketing and Engagement.

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Marketing Cloud

LNB Solutions offers Marketing Cloud, a platform that focuses on all aspects of customer engagement.  Marketers can quickly customize content to fit consumer needs and deliver it to the customer anywhere, anytime, and on any device. 

With the Marketing Cloud platform, your organization can access crucial customer data and offer support and options best suited to them.  Optimize spending and manage B2B or B2C interaction all on one platform.

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