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Consulting and implementation services 

At LNB Solutions, we work with organizations to understand how they operate, figure out areas where improvements can be made, and seamlessly implement those solutions for results that go beyond expectations.

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Consulting & Advising Services

LNB Solutions assesses what systems and tools are currently employed by an organization and also figures out its pain points and plan of action for addressing pain points.

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Customized Implementations

We develop a plan of action and choose the right tools and implementations that suit an organization and aid in its needs and goals.

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Ongoing Support Provided

LNB Solutions provide support services through the duration of our interaction.  We assist organizations from beginning to end to ensure the best possible outcome.


What our services do for your organization

Salesforce Consulting

LNB Solutions uniquely ascessess what your organization's pain points and needs are. This consultation not only brings any issues and areas where improvement can happen to light, but it gives your organization the opportunity to create new goals and targets. Consultations act as a starting point for your company, as they are the beginning point for future growth.

With the consultation, LNB Solutions can work alongside your organization to determine what Salesforce tools are a good fit and how implementing these tools can lead to an increase in workflow efficiency, overall output and engagement, and steady growth over time.

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Financial Consulting

The maintenance and optimization of organizational financial systems are crucial to success. LNB Solutions offers Financial Systems Consulting as a service to assess where your organization’s financial systems currently stand, and offer solutions for revamping and upgrading to more efficient and intuitive financial systems.

Consultations consist of assessing what financial systems are currently in place and what an organizations requirements, functions, workflow, and goals are, and
developing a plan of action and choosing the correct tools that suit the organization.

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Implementation is a seamless process as our highly trained team works alongside your organization to ensure a smooth transition. The implementation of Salesforce tools and financial solutions works with your organization, not against it, as it integrates with your current tools and platforms to create a unified experience.

LNB Solutions uses Salesforce technology to integrate tools and solutions into organizations existing workflow, platforms, and systems and provides them access to untapped potential.  Our expert team is able to guide your organization through the Salesforce platform, decision making process, implementation and more.  We are Salesforce consultants with over 10 years of experience in helping government agencies, nonprofits, and organizations implement Salesforce technology to become more efficient, productive, and experience growth overall.

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