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Fintech Solutions Experts

Custom App Development

Enjoy the unique benefits and insights of working with a multi-disciplinary team! Our team of technology professionals have a strong background in finance and analytics, giving us the resources to provide comprehensive services. 

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Our Services


We get there by combining deep expertise, extensive reach and custom solutions to ensure your organization has a plan for today and a strategy for the future.

Custom App Development
Custom App Development

If Commercial Off the Shelf software is not meeting your needs, a custom solution may be your answer. 

Salesforce Support
Salesforce Support

World Class support for your Salesforce apps

Accounting Systems
Accounting Systems

Grants Management Systems, Pricing & Billing Automation, Payroll Systems, and much more. 

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

Empowering organizations to make data-driven decisions.

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Featured App

Kinship for Social Services

Kinship is a Case & Financial Management software-as-a-service enterprise solution built on the Salesforce platform, making it customizable and scalable for enterprise needs, and is out-of-the box ready for immediate implementation and use.


Who We Serve


Government Technology Solutions


LNB Solutions delivers industry-focused solutions to allow government systems to live up to their full potential. Our secure platform for government agencies is designed to help agencies the technology to accommodate business processes and functionalities. Updating government systems with cutting-edge technology creates accessibility, generates more usable data, and allows ease of use for both government employees and citizens alike.

Human Services Technology Solutions


LNB Solutions Helps your Non-profit Achieve your Mission with High-Quality Custom Technology


We deliver high-impact solutions that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by the public and private sectors. Our fully integrated cloud solutions will help you turn any business challenge into a success.

Philanthropy Technology Solutions


We are experts in Grants Management and Workplace Giving Solutions.

Non Profit Technology Solutions

Non Profit

Our consultants bring vast industry subject matter expertise in the non-profit space. We are passionate about implementing solutions that put velocity behind our client’s missions. We support non-profits with comprehensive services so you can focus on the mission and the people that really matter.

Higher Ed Technology Solutions

Higher Ed

LNB Solutions works with higher education systems to strategize, create a plan of action, and execute solutions, producing results that exceed expectations. Customizable solutions catered to each educational system's needs are offered by LNB Solutions, including Education Cloud, a complete CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.Sharing data and information is key to the objectives of an educational facility or organization. Cloud computing is a valuable tool when wanting to store, share and access files, information, and apps, making it an excellent choice for any educational institution.

Healthcare Billing Technology Solutions


LNB Solution provides IT solutions to the healthcare industry by meeting their unique technology needs to deliver affordable, efficient, and effective healthcare. Healthcare systems can benefit from more closely and accurately monitored patient journeys. The unique solutions offered by LNB Solutions, including Health Cloud, streamline individual healthcare systems in a way that is beneficial to the establishment itself and staff and patients alike.

Implement Smarter FinTech Systems

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Virginia Department of Human Resource Management


automating the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign


Join the Grants Management webinar with LNB Solutions Inc., Virginia Information Technology Agency (VITA) and Virginia Department of Human Resource Management (VDHRM).





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