Our Mission

LNB Solutions is committed to improving customer experiences across the board by implementing technology solutions to increase overall efficiency and productivity. We transform businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and other organizations using our Salesforce expertise.



Every day, our team works towards bettering the day to day experience for organizations. 

We help organizations become more effective at what they do. From providing consultations and support to the setup and integration of our solutions, we make sure the end result exceeds expectations.



LNB Solutions is headed by Founder and CEO, Linda Brown. The most important thing to us, the mission of our company, is that you are positioned to operate and excel in a modern world where the right technology is paramount to success.



Linda Brown is a Solutions Architect and the visionary CEO and proud Founder of LNB Solutions, an emerging technology and business solutions provider who is leading the charge in creating top-tier digital strategies and applications using the explosive power of Salesforce. Linda’s success in completely transforming the way companies do business across a broad range of industries is what sets her apart from the rest in this exciting and ever-changing digital marketplace. She holds the following Certifications:
  • CGFM - Certified Government Financial Manager
  • CGAP - Certified Government Auditing Professional
  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce Non-Profit Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Community Cloud Consultant
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The Team

LNB Solutions is home to a team of highly skilled individuals.

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Aasia Naseer

Salesforce Consultant

Aasia is a highly seasoned and accomplished Salesforce professional with 10+ years’ using her diversified experience on the Salesforce Platform which lead to a strong record of client success and satisfaction. She is an experienced IT professional and produces high-quality deliverables for our clients.​

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Andrea Simpson

Proposal Manager

Andrea is focused on identifying, qualifying and closing federal, state and local government opportunities. She brilliantly crafts proposals by coordinating the proposal process while under tight deadlines. Andrea brings a broad skill set to the LNB Team and also services as our internal Graphics Designer.

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Joelle Kluck

Development Specialist

Joelle helps Non Profits thrive by showing them how to grow donor engagement using technology tools and marketing strategies.

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Ken Lees

Chief Marketing Officer

Ken is responsible for overseeing the planning, development and execution of an organization's marketing and advertising initiatives.

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Manoj Paleti

Project Manager

Manoj Paleti is a results-driven leader that leverages deep understanding of end user needs to deliver exceptional and innovative business solutions. He poses an aptitude that has allowed him to excel in the areas of delivery, strategic planning, client management, business analysis and team-building. He brings extensive experience working with various large Government agencies and commercial companies, leading teams through requirements analysis, functional design, development, and deployment in various complex project environments.


Quy Gieng

Senior Salesforce Developer

As the Senior Salesforce Developer, Quy provides superior technical expertise to develop and manage the application software structure for both new development and off-the-shelf components and frameworks. Quy is an effective problem solver who understands “the big picture” of how the business and systems work together.

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Sandy Tarkleson

Business Development Specialist

Sandy Tarkleson is the Business Development Specialist at LNB Solutions, and enjoys helping businesses and individuals find the right software solution for their company. She has spent the majority of her career in Development working in the non-profit, education and health care industries. Sandy enjoys learning about her clients and customers and is successful at finding the right fit for them.

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Salesforce Consultant

Vishnu is a Certified Salesforce.com Consultant with over 7 years managing all facets of critical IT efforts, building years’ worth of technical and managerial experience through hands-on efforts with state government agencies and Fortune 50 IT and business organizations.



LNB Solutions goes beyond the status-quo to help organizations achieve extraordinary efficiency and growth.  Learn more about the solutions LNB can provide your organization by contacting us today.